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Freddie the Freelancer

by pRAFs

Everyone is talking about whether Freddie has opened Pandora's box, by refusing the ECB contract.

Whether others will follow suit and how cricketing apocalypse is around the corner.

But, one thing I wanna know is, who in the right frame of mind, would pay for a big bag of loose nuts, bolts and broken bones? The cost of these loose nuts could be 1.5 million or more,in dollars not rupees.

Worth a gamble?

I wouldn't want him, for sure. Even for free.


Thiru Cumaran said...

As a CSK fan, I'm just praying that he doesn't recover for the IPL...frankly, he and Jake Oram were the biggest waste of money last year! Frankly, even Sudeep Tyagi was better than both of them combined!

pRAFs said...

he's better off posing, drinking and rowing boats.
CSK must be cursing themselves for maying that much for a box of jelly

pRAFs said...

i meant paying that much

Ankit Poddar said...

i guess there is more to IPL than just playing cricket on the field.

there are brandings, positionings, and other blah, to recover money for, and that is freddie is there for!

pRAFs said...

Freddie the clown, seems to be more popular than Freddie the Freelancer.
Freddie the clown,
Freddie the clown,
nice ring to it.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Prafs, poor CSK. Another Mera naam Joker, bring it on Freddie

CT, shame Tyagi played less, went off the radar, then resurafced in the Corporate Trophy.

Ankit, yeah, that's a good point, he's gonna be pasted on some billboard or the other, be part of his latest chuska with adventure sport.

pRAFs said...

CSK keep playing the english national clown, they will be poor soon

Thiru Cumaran said...

just hopin' that Freddie and Jake Oram pull up lame just b4 the ipl!