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Thank You Sachin, For The Food We Eat!

by Ankit Poddar

So, says Gautam Gambhir, for Sachin has shaped his career, the source of his bread and butter!

Gautam Gambhir was awarded the Indian Cricketer of the Year award 2008 at the Castrol Awards, for scoring a 100 runs in ODIs and Tests! And as expected, he got emotional and blabbered a lot!

"There was a tough phase when I was struggling with the bat and faced a lot of criticism. I haven't spoken a lot about this, but a lot of credit goes to Sachin for what I am today. He has helped me redefine my career. He is also my favorite player in the team."

Thank You, Sachin, for letting Gambhir thank you!

P.S.: Sachin, we want the Champions Trophy brought to India, Tatha-astu?


Reverse Swing said...

yea every one want a piece of it , actually whole trophy, but one will be The One. That is what making it an interesting prospect.

But who will be the One, can't say its all open but still I just did some predictions using my tiny stupid mind ;)

Gaurav Sethi said...

That's a first for GG, it's usually thank you Sehwag for him.