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Looks like we lost the battle but won the war - 1

by Gaurav Sethi

In spite of themselves, India beat Sri Lanka, the finals’ jinx, sweat soaked shirts, short-circuited uppers, weak limbs, weaker hearts. Sri Lanka tried their darndest but they couldn’t beat the odds.

It was a weird game. Not so much India vs. Sri Lanka as SRT vs. SL.

First they sent in the explosive RDX (Rahul Dravid) to open the innings, take first strike. At that point I was hoping to watch him keep wickets again. While we’re at it, let’s make him the wallflower instead of The Wall.

Then of course, opportunity knocks, and MSD’s in at 95/1, 17th over. Where were you the previous night, sunshine – ok, that was chasing under lights.

YS makes it at 2/205 to be teased by Malinga outside off. Forget the runs, he was on a blind date with a very bad boy. He wanted to get out, but somehow stayed in.

Then another masterstroke, picking Yusuf Pathan and batting him before Raina. He did not disappoint with 006. Once he makes his 7th duck, he’ll be a Batting Bond.

In the 49th came the make-shift opener-replacement for DKNY, the stop-gap opener Virat Kohli. By then of course Yuvraj was a man again.

Somewhere in between RDX ran for SRT. On the sidelines I might add.

(to be continued)


Yenjie said...

After the "India lost badly to Sri Lanka" rant, here comes the "India won badly against Sri Lanka" rant. The theme of such rants is - sure they won, but very unconvincingly (as if there is anything more convincing than the fact of the win itself) and wait till the next match because there are too many problems etc etc. Indian cricket fans are so mellow. Plus they really truly love and support their team.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yenjie, the bowlers could use some of yr positivity.

Long time no write, what happened?

Yenjie said...

Just been real busy at work and in personal life too. Managing to play though. Got a game coming up soon. Will post something re preparations etc.