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Why Australia must play Warwickshire county instead of the England nation

by bored cricket crazy indians

They have Freesanth, Sreesanth. That’s already two reasons. Then there’s Trott, the name’s Jonathan Trott. He’s a batsman cricketer. He may be playing county cricket but he belongs in a national side, not necessarily England but some respectable team. By the same lack of logic, English players belong in county cricket. Not Warwickshire but Yorkshire.

Then there’s Ian Bell. He is the discard, the wild card. Even he doesn’t know when he’ll come off. When he does, his cover drives are exquisite, not quite Indian, but nearly Bangladeshi. He’s scored more tons this season that the whole English team. That could be one or two tons, but it’s still more.

Of course, if Strauss played for Warwickshire it would be even better. But he has 50s to make for England. Not since Elvis has a man been so rooted to the 50s. As in Elivis’ case, here too, it’s a lost cause.

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