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To cricinfo

by Gaurav Sethi

At 2359 points my overall rank is 2987. Take it that’s very good as at least few million geeks play Fantasy Cricket.

Today, before the start of the England-New Zealand game, my rank in the highly competitive Bored Cricket Crazy Indians league was 5, and I was left with 3 transfers.

No Englishman, and just Elliott at 80000 bucks. Of course I drop him for Morgan, make Morgan trump and get lost.

Prior to this, Johnson was my trump who took no part in yesterday’s game versus rain and India. Straight away a good few hundred points lost there.

Anyway, I return, after a jaunt round the place, discover much to my dismay, the Elliott-Morgan transfer did not take place.

Aside: Meanwhile Elliott takes his second wicket.

Yeah, so it was something to do with the combination not allowed, here’s what’s allowed:

1. 4 Batsmen, 2 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s), 4 Bowlers
2. 5 Batsmen, 1 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s), 4 Bowlers
3. 4 Batsmen, 3 Allrounders, 1 Wicketkeeper(s), 3 Bowlers

So where am I? Johnson as Trump, but he’s not even playing.

Elliott is, and he continues to take wickets as I write this. One of the reasons he is taking wickets is because I write this.

I ask you, cricinfo people, if you are real, and not some fantasy, to include Elliott as my trump. It may cause a minor upset in the Bored league, and I’m all for that.

Damn: Elliott takes another wicket. That's his third, and England are seven down.

Convinced, if I continue to write, Elliott will take the next three, and then take some in the nets. But what good is that for me?

PS: Elliott is the only player, either Kiwi or Pom who is part of the Naked Cricket team, it is but natural for him to be the trump player.


Mahek said...

Your TP will be whoever it was prior to the changes you made and never went through. BTW, you should've seen if the combination you had was valid. You should also be happy the change didn't go through cus you'd have been stuck with Morgan and rue your move to replace Elliott.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I hear you Mahek.

Still, see it this way: Morgan doesn't go thru, so my team is left with Elliott (no other Kiwi/Pom in my team) - naturally he should become the TP. What good is Johnson as TP?

The game can be tweaked, it will be please me.

Ok, what if there's more than 1 player from the teams, and a TP has not been updated - hmmm leave that to cricinfo to figure out.

Mahek said...

Lol, that's not how it works. Just because your TP isn't active doesn't mean they'll change it to someone who is. Focus on the positive side of that failed transfer :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

I can't.

Need a few quick Kiwi wkts, Elliott coming in and scoring a hundred not out.

He gave me a -20 in the field the other day, we need to settle old scores.

achettup said...

LOL NC... You have no idea how many times that stupid cricinfo fantasy has pissed me off. In the past I've done exactly the same thing you have and know the feeling. Then there was this time where anyone I made trump for a test series ended up being a duck, meaning I got -40. That was nothing compared to the -100 Shane Bond got me against South Africa. I hatez fantasy cricket, but I can't leave it! Fantasy cricket is like an ex, one day I will leave it forever and wonder why I never did that before...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ach, -100 is a new low, even by yr elementary Watson TC standards.

Must admit, I was getn a bit greedy with Morgan, knew it was wrong, but I just had to.

Also Elliott and Kandamby, only players from NZ n SL I've ever picked; man, how much I've swapped the two. True value. Just can't bring myself to pick another Lankan or Kiwi

As far as Fantasy cricket goes, with two games on tomorrow, be more like a XX. Cricket porn.

Aditya said...

they should have an interactive system where they should ask for the trump for each match before the tournament starts..if someone wants to edit them so they can!

i mean i want to select both my trumps fro tommorow now! not after the 1st match starts and then logging in and changing the trump..

that felxibility should be there

@achettup: the same negatives thing happned to me in the Ind vs Pak game : umar akmal, umer gul made sure that will not hold on the the no 1 slot! :)

@mahek: only a miracle can stop you from finishing 1st now :)


agree with you! this time around you profited big time!
i too went for morgan as my trump today! :(

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yeah Aditya, this whole reporting at the TV before the toss, twice a day, feel like a victim of the whereabouts clause

Mahek said...

Fantasy Cricket kicks ass! Enjoy it before someone decides to make this a paid thing.

scorpicity said...

Wish I could join in... love the fantasies... what you can't do on the field, you can do in your bed.

Reverse Swing said...

@NC hey dude me too facing somewhat same kind of bad luck with my TPs , whatever I selected had never performed yet :(

Hey and I just improve my rank in BCC! league by 1 and I am at 5 now above you and guess why?

GD Elliott, lol although he wasn't my TP but no one else performed :P

Reverse Swing said...

i am getting a little confused about last day transfers, it must be tricky :(