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The ugliest shot.

by Gaurav Sethi

Last man, Munaf Patel at the crease for ONGC. Mangella bowls a slower one, Munaf drags it past a diving Uthappa at mid on for four. It was one of those shots where you’d think he hit it twice. The ball had no shape, neither did the shot – Munaf looked on, with those black holes for eyes. It was an ugly cricket moment, yet it was fascinating. Next, off drives one for four. Siva mistook it for one of Ishant’s. Such is life.

Also consider Munaf’s shot selection: Leave stumps, get in line with ball and play beyond point to third man. Played this ball after ball unless he was driving for four. On one such shot he called for a quick single that went unanswered. His response: “Areh Yaar!” So much sorrow in that voice.

Unfortunately, Ishant mistimed one to Uthappa. Siva didn’t mistake him for Munaf. And so, an ugly innings was cut short in its prime.


Indophile said...

What happened to Ishant's bowling. If Uthappa can play you well then I mean you should be really worried about your form

Gaurav Sethi said...

Totally, Ishant's not watchable, wides, no balls, no speed, no inspiration.