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Lost battle, Won war 2

by Gaurav Sethi

For the first part you can go here.

If you watched the finals, then this is not news to you. India’s defence of 319 was non-existent. There wasn’t one brain between the three quicks. They bowled without instinct. They bowled with the hope that the ball will make up its mind.

At least two of the three, RP and Ishant, do not deserve to play. RP is limited in his bowling options, and like Nehra, in purely on IPL form. Ishant’s crying out for a break from international cricket. Any more ODIs or T20s will only mess him up more.

Nehra is in on borrowed time, once Zaheer is back, a few bad games and he’ll be out. Nehra’s fielding maybe no worse than Ishant’s, but he’s not so cool.

Between them, they bowled the first 7 overs, and 19 in all. Had they bowled their full quota of 30 (11 more), Lanka would’ve won.

So that's three boys picked purely as bowlers. Not bowling all-rounders like an erratic Irfan or a luckless Praveen Kumar, but bowlers – they cannot field, cannot convert run-outs. Their body language lacks body. Why do they play

When it appeared Lanka could win the game by the 20th over, MSD brought Bhajji on in the 8th.

The quicks returned, leaked runs, and it was only much later, when India's 7th bowler, Raina (8-0-26-1) came on that the game shifted balance.

India may not be this lucky in the Champions Trophy.


Indophile said...

Break, NC what break ? he should fix his attitude before getting a break.
He is an exact replica of Srinath most of the time, whatever happens short of a length is the bowl without fail. Sledging everybody is not cool,it will only result in a six, the one by Angelo Matthews. Well logically we should drop one of the seamers, swap Pathan brothers and get in Amit Mishra.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Indophile, break from intl cricket is what I said. Gotta pack him off to Ranji, do him some good.

Drop at least 2, then the 3rd may wisen up - let them look beyond this so called talent pool, an India cap is not their zamindari.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I'm all for Mishra, but we'll never play 2 spinners in ODIs. And we all know who first choice is