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5 things Sehwag is likely to contemplate on his b'day

by A Bisht

The idea came from Som’s bestseller "7 things Sehwag is likely to do on his b'day".

5 things Sehwag is likely to contemplate upon on his b'day:

1. It’s an established practice among homo sapiens “To Think Before Speaking”.

2. Its one thing to be helpful to a teammate, but giving him even your underwear for him to survive, will make you naked.

3. Only equal men have arguments and fights; so leaving the battleground for the fear of enmity, makes you a subordinate to your opponent.

4. People can learn things even at 31; so believing something is not your cup of tea is like saying I learned everything from my mum’s tummy.

5. There’s absolutely no need to move feet while playing a shot. What matter is the place where ball lands.


straight point said...

some 'ab'solutely fine points to ponder ...

Som said...

Thanks for the copyright royalties:)