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Breeding little jatboys

by John

Crawling through dark Cricinfo recesses (actually, not so dark because this information is just over a week old), I came across some truly Bored news - a 349 run partnership for the second wicket in a Delhi under - 16 match.

In a cup that seems to be named after a gentleman who passed away in what later became the Uzbek capital. Whatever.

Look a little closer, and move beyond the obvious Sachin-Vinod parallels. Lucky oye?

It should definitely bring a smile to your ugly face. Forget ugly faces, whole ugly districts of Delhi light up when you drop this surname: yes, the boy is named Sehwag.

Don't stop there. Take a right under the Naraina flyover.

Sample what the boy had to say about the partnership:

We eat from the same plate … we understand each other enough," Sehwag, the Delhi Under-16 captain, told the Hindustan Times. “We like to bat together.”

Now where have you heard that one before?


achettup said...

I didn't catch the name of the cup, is it really tashkent?

John said...

No, its the LB Shastri Cup.