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Denial is back, Daniel is out.

by Gaurav Sethi

It wasn’t long back that Daniel threatened to take over Vettori’s personality. He even won them a semi final game against Pakistan (who refused to play cricket since that wonky Australia game.)

Today it’s a big finals’ game, Vettori knows he’s out of his league. Now that he’s made runs against Naved and his teammates, batting up the order, how will he make it to No. 8 again?

It was his reputation at stake, he has other things to worry about: like working out how he’ll edge Amit Mishra out in the Delhi Daredevils later this week.

Either way the world order is restored, McCullum and his ghosts take over the captaincy. If only Shah Rukh Khan was around, the Champions Trophy could dream like the IPL.

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