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Vettori and Collingwood knew all along.

by Gaurav Sethi

Playing for a team with ‘land’ in it is simple. No wonder they make the New Zealand and England XI, what, they even captain some times. But when it comes to the Delhi Daredevils, they’re all at sea.

Who knew Paul Collingwood was part of the Delhi Daredevils. Playing is one thing, he doesn’t even make the bench. Surprising then, that Paul’s posterior problem was sighted as a reason for his absence from the Daredevils.

Then there’s good friend, Denial Vettori. He pulled out of the Champions Trophy finals, just so he could stay clear of the Daredevils bench. Owais Shah will be there, like his footwork, he goes anywhere. As for McGrath, he’s been called last minute – add to the bench strength no doubt.

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