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Exit the bowling coach... Enter the bowling coach.

by Homer

You know the story.. Venkatesh Prasad got the boot as bowling coach. Leading to a lot of breast beating ( and not a few snide remarks on the workings of the BCCI).The boot was ostensibly because of the decline in fortunes of India's next great bowling hope.

Which is why today's bowling effort was important. And what a bowling effort it was.

Ishant spoke to a lot of people today and a lot more people spoke to him. There was Nehra. And Kohli.. Delhi statemates. But not his India captain. Or his Delhi one.

But one man spoke to Ishant more than most. When he was not in the young man's ear he was more than willing to pull his ears, literally and figuratively. Standing at mid on, the little man spoke to Lambu.

But then again, he has been speaking to Ishant for a long time.. Remember "Ek Aur Over Karega?"

The God of Sehwagology is back. As is With him, India's bowling coach.


straight point said...

he definitely knows the language ishant understands...

Homer said...

That he does SP :)

Mahek said...

I thought it was Kumble who asked Ishant. Anyway, if only Sehwag was good captaining the Daredevils :(

Homer said...


It was indeed Kumble who asked the question. But Sehwag was the rime mover behind this:).

As regards captaincy, it was evident in the 2006 SA series that Sehwag did not have it in him to captain- for a batsman who thrives on unorthodoxy, his captaincy has always been very conservative.