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Satyameva Jayate

by Homer

You know the argument, the one which says that the Champions League is not quite the Champions League because the Pakistanis are not in it.

But but, I say, what about the ban on the Pakistan players imposed by the Government of Pakistan?

Bogus, you say, it is all Modi's fault.. He made some bogus claims about cut off dates and Pakistani government clearances to shut the door on Pakistan.And hey, the poor Pakistanis were not even aware of their exclusion.

But but, I say, there is nothing forthcoming from either the PCB or the Pakistan Foreign Ministry on cricketers being allowed to travel to India. So the status quo has not changed.

Hogwash, you say, the ban was in place only until the IPL. And didnt Yasir Arafat travel to India for the Champions League? And dont mention the fact that he got his passport stamped in the UK, because, as a Pakistani national and cricket player, he traveled to India and that's that. A pox on Modi's house!

Enter left, Ijaz Butt, Chairman of the PCB

LAHORE: Chairman, Pakistan Cricket Board, Ijaz Butt said on Saturday that revival of cricket ties and playing cricket matches of 2011 World Cup in India solely depend on Pakistan Government's decision. "We will be following Government advice as far revival of bilateral cricket ties with India and playing matches of World Cup in India are concerned and PCB cannot take decision on its own to permit its team to visit India," he said at a news conference here Saturday. Also present on the occasion were Chief Operating Officer, Wasim Bari, newly appointed General Managers Media,Tariq Hakeem and Media Nadim Sarwar. Ijaz Butt said PCB is up-dating Government on cricket issues on regular basis and seeks its advice whenever it is needed and similar practice will be followed regarding Pak teams visit to India.


straight point said...

another excellent catch there homer...

modi and for that matter bcci do get blind bashing in the name all malice happening in cricketing world... and all this while they forget that we the readers and fans have brains too and can judge the things themselves without them pushing us the same shit down our throats...

u look at most of articles/posts about modi/bcci only the credit of the author changes... which makes me wonder how can the live recycling same thing time and again...

oh that insatiable itch that needed to be attended time and again... :)

Homer said...


Its an industry in itself.. And I can understand the motivation, to some extent.

But surely these worthies know the moral of the story of the boy who cried wolf; at the end of the day, even genuine issues will get buried because people will get dulled by this constant battering, not dissimilar to the cricket overkill we have these days :)


achettup said...

BULL5#!T!!! It was Modi and his rich franchise friends and you know it! Besides, no IPL team made it to the semifinals, so thats that!

I was going to write that the BCCI could easily set up a media team to quash these rumors, but then after visiting their website (which btw has improved significantly from my last review, see it here) I realized that it makes no sense for them to lower their dignity to rebuke shoddy journalism. A strong case for a good, independent Indian cricket website to take this up perhaps?

Homer said...


When the argument is made without resort to fact and strictly on the basis of the Big Lie repeated ad nauseum, how do you counter it?


Leela said...

A diving catch in the slips... you are fast overtaking your favourite sl(k?)ipper Rahul Dravid.

Onto serious matters.

I believe when people say that Pakistan has the best T20 team.

1. They reached the ICC T20 WC finals twice in a row, and if not for that brain fade by Misbah, might have even won it twice in a row.

2. They have the best composition for a T20- good spinners, good death bowlers, and an unpredictable batting line-up, with people like Shoaib who can change gears when needed.

3. Their players stood out even in the ICL, they brought that "x"-factor to that tournament.

So yes, I would've loved if the Sialkot Stallions had participated in the CL.
However, only if the tournament was conducted outside India.

Here is my one and only reason:


Until 26/11, the BCCI was doing everything possible to support PCB, it even had the Asia Cup organized in Pak.

Yet, since 26/11 when India decided to scratch it's tours (rightly so, remember what happened to the SL cricketers?), the PCB has done nothing except complain about the BCCI.

And those who say keep politics out of sport, why don't you start by sending your spineless team to play in Pakistan and stop talking about neutral venues?

Jonathan said...

I see the apportionment of blame and the question of whether the Pakistani's absence effects the value of the tournament as a competition as two separate issues. Similar things could be said of pre-1992 World Cups.

However, I do question the relevance of the World T20 results. It was a semi-final played in Delhi, not the last gasps of two teams who knocked out in the first round!

achettup said...

However, I do question the relevance of the World T20 results. It was a semi-final played in Delhi, not the last gasps of two teams who knocked out in the first round!

You can't be serious? While a lot of us are laughing at Hilditch's reinstatement, Aus's ordinary T20 record has little to do with two state sides making the semis, considering the domestic structure in Australia channelizes talent whereas almost every other country dilutes the strength of their domestic sides by having so many. NSW might as well have been Aus if Clarke, Bracken and Haddin were fit.

I'm surprised someone who is able to delineate the apportionment of blame and the change in value of the CL due to Pakistani team's absence is unable to arrive at the same conclusion here!

Homer said...


They would be two separate arguments if those arguments were framed that way.

But that is not the case, is it?


Jonathan said...

Achettup, I really can't see why my comment makes you think I disagree with your explanation - as far as I can tell we are making the same point. As it happens, I have previously suggested that the absence of IPL teams in the semis was more to do with distribution of talent than evidence of the evil of Modi. (Note that WI and SA also have relatively few domestic sides - 8 IPL teams is not a huge number, but at least at this point they are too balanced to be a NSW.)

Homer, it often isn't, at least when coming from some sources, but that doesn't stop me trying to put it that way, does it? Perhaps this is not the relevant forum, though... In any case, I didn't mean to give the impression that I disagree with your complaint - the point about crying wolf is particularly important.