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Football fan wins a cricket game.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Mahek goes by many names. When manager of his team, The Mahekoholics, he answers to the call of Hundred Percent Barcelonista which is also the name of his blog. While it is uncertain what Mahek was doing in the Cricket fantasy challenge, it is certain he won it. At 6498 points he had too.

Aditya.chv 5583 points and Achettup 5122, though not from Force India, wangled a podium finish.

Mahek, care to share your strat for the Bored Game - we'd really like to see all players tied at 6498 points next time. Because at Bored everybody is a winner.

Be incredibly boring if the whole lot of you Bored Game players could pitch in and write for Bored. Be anything cricket, from your first plastic bat to the last time a cork ball made you dance.

Bored friends, you can write in your cricket story to us here.


Mahek said...

Lol, I've been playing this game for a while and this is the first time I've finished as high as fifteenth. You can do your due diligence on players, look at the match schedule and firm up a strategy, but it can all go wrong if the players you pick don't deliver. The Trump Player adds another element to the game.

If you want me to share some basic points, here they are:

1.Pick batsmen who bat in the top order. Graeme Smith, Ricky Ponting, Shane Watson, Tim Paine, Jacques Kallis, Jesse Ryder are good picks.

2.Pick wicket-taking bowlers, bowling in the slog overs is an added bonus. Wayne Parnell, Brett Lee, Saeed Ajmal, Shahid Afridi, Ashish Nehra are good picks.

3.Pick bowlers who can bowl and vice-versa. Paul Collingwood, Reolof van der Merwe, Jacques Kallis, Shane Watson, Mitchell Johnson, Daniel Vettori are likely to get you batting as well as bowling points.

4.Look for smart picks. There were quite a few in the Champions Trophy. Tim Paine, Grant Elliott, Eoin Morgan, Ashish Nehra to name a few. Graeme Smith at 95k was also a smart pick.

5.Use your subs to maximize the number of active players. India weren't going to play their first game until South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies had played two each. So it made sense to not have an Indian in the side until their first game. Also, South Africa and Sri Lanka were to finish their group matches while India, England, New Zealand and Australia had two games remaining. Naturally, you bring in players from these sides once the Proteas and Lankans were done.

6.Hope your players deliver and don't get injured or dropped.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Soldier, are Mahek and you the same person? If so, when this goes up as a post here, credits to Mahek or you?

Mahek said...

Yeah, I'm Mahek. I never know what ID I'm logged on with because my orkut account is linked to my yahoo email address, while I also have one on gmail. The blog I have was created with this ID (Chocolatecream Soldier) but I added the other one because I didn't want to keep logging in and out.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Can see you come from the land of plenty.