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Go Trinidad & Tobago!

by Gaurav Sethi

Go Trinidad and Tobago!
Even though you have no bowling
You love the free hits
Even though you have no bowling
You’re a team born from a nation
Not from some random trains arriving at the railway station

In this club cricket motorcade
Of brand name teams
And star power buys
Of little faith
You bring a little hope
For the unification of cricket
In your tiny nation by the sea
What will be, what will be
Go Trinidad & Tobago
You will be, you will be

You are the young
You are the Twenty20 haircut
You are the gymnastic catch
On the boundary line
That was hurled and swirled up
In the sky
That was caught again
But it was called a lie

But it was the truth
As we could see
Go Trinidad & Tobago
You are the Twenty20 haircut
The laughter, the old men high five
The IPL contract is on its way
Go Pollard
Go Trinidad & Tobago
Somethings are meant to be
Even if they don't turn out to be

Go T&T part 1: written ten days back that they would not lose the Cape.


straight point said...

did cobra's or for that matter victoria too had no bowling...?

that was par score on that wicket so i don't think their bowlers did any worse... infact they won the match by last over bowling...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Last over cost the Cobras, and still Rampaul bowled only 3? Reckon Ganga was saving him for the 22nd.

Bowling's been crap in the clt20, tho NSW could change that today