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Happy Bored Day Jatman - Where It All Began

by achettup

On this day 31 years ago, Indian Cricket's first (test) triple centurion was born. Watching him over the years we have seen his technique evolve a bit, but his temperament and attitude have changed little. It is no coincidence that his inclusion in the team coincides with its reemergence as one of the top sides in international cricket. Arguably the most destructive batsman of this decade, cricket has surely benefited enormously from his contributions.

The Tendulkar-esque flicks, cuts and drives have been refined to a more sehwag-ishtyle, and along the way his charteristic sixes to get to a landmark have perhaps been the most distinguishing feature of his boldness and confidence. Looking back at where we first saw the true genius announce his arrival, it is hard not to rekindle the joy at believing India had finally found its second Tendulkar, and one shivers on hearing Ravi Shastri say "This is no surprise for those who have seen him take attacks apart in domestic cricket!", for he is no longer our second Sachin, he is Jatman... and he has taken apart every attack in international cricket with a brutal ruthlessness no other cricketer has.

Happy Bored Day Jatman!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha! Swear I heard Shastri say that. And - that's gone off Jatman's bat like a tracer bullet. And - jatman ups the ante...and SMG adds...and the uncle too

straight point said...

i still can't get over his chennai innings attack in the second innings when india were chasing record fourth innings total against england... but for that innings we would have not even thought of winning that test match...

achettup said...

@NC :$ well I remember Shastri saying that anyway... I'm sure we all can! Speaking of commentators for that match, the opening combo featured a voice that I must confess took me more than a few seconds to recognize, none other than Jonty Navjot Singh Sidhu, who incidently, also celebrates his birthday today. Happy Bored Day Jonty Singh!

@SP Exactly, how many times has he blasted the opening bowlers to smithereens and laid the platform for those in the middle order to play freely without worrying about sky rocketing run rates.

pRAFs said...

Whoa, man
Navjyot singh sidhu has to have a post for him today.
man this is turning out to be an eventful day.