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Happy Bored Day White Lightning

by pRAFs

Some moniker that, isn't it?

Allan Donald the man who many fast bowlers, like myself grew up idolising, turns 43 today.

Still clearly remember how he tormented India on the SA tour of 96. Especially the 66 and 100 all out.

Although India were struggling with the pace and bounce, I loved every moment of watching Allan bowl.

I might have been the only person in the country cheering him on when he got stuck into Dravid during the ODI series.

That 98 tour of England, when he made Atherton shit in his pants was worth a watch for the duel itself.

Check this to know what i mean.

Although Wasim and Waqar were around back then, but that aggression was what made him stand out.

Fell in love with that action, although never aped it. It's amazing how many times he would just burst through a batsman's defense.

Also loved the extended follow through and stare when he wanted to let the batsman know that he was in space. That was something I incorporated into my own action.

Earlier, I would just run in, bowl then head back to the mark, irrespective of whether i had bowled a jaffa or a lame mid pitch long hop.

Though I didn't sledge much, did make it a point to follow through right upto the batsman after a bouncer or when I beat the bat.

That little ramp shot over the slips that Sachin is credited with was actually played by Allan first. True Story.

Can't find the video of him playing the shot though.

Here's to you Allan for being an inspiration to at least this fast bowler. It's only fair we share the same birthday

P.S: Today is Viru's Birthday too. But you know the relation between fast bowlers and opening batsmen right?


Gaurav Sethi said...

For me the highlight was when Dravid hit him six over his head. When mad, was he fun

pRAFs said...

yep, that's the one i was talking about.
one of the donald's classics, but that spell to atherton was something else.