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Happy Bored Day Mad Fast Bowler

by Gaurav Sethi

The fitness isn’t looking good, he’s off again, and threatens to be for a while. Isn’t that always the case with India’s fast bowlers – sure is with Right Arm Fast. Not Ishant or Praveen but Prafs, Bored Member Prafs. Take a deep breath, live a little, blog a lot. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Prafs shares his day with Allan Donald, mad or what?


Ankit said...

happy boredday prafs and to you too, Alan Donald

Krish said...

Happy Birthday, Prafs

Best wishes!

Homer said...

Happy Birthday Prafs... Looking forward to another extended session from you, into the wind, at searing pace, just as it always has been!


pRAFs said...

thanks man,really appreciate it.
wonder if Donald ever had a whole post written for him

Ankit, Krish, Homer
thanks a lot.

Som said...

Happy Birthday Prafs. Go full blast and knock them out!

pRAFs said...

Thanks Som.

achettup said...

Happy Bored Day Prafs!

pRAFs said...

thanks ach!

straight point said...

happy bored day prafs... get back soon in shape... we are already missing right arm fast bowler! :)

pRAFs said...

very flattering SP,
thanks a lot

suddenly this page is looking like an oscar speech with all the 'thank you's