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Happy Diwali Prosper Utseya!

by Gaurav Sethi

And Zim and Bangla and West Indies cricket, you need it more than most.


Sujan Rao said...
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Sujan Rao said...

Hope they get more and more Batting-Bombs, Bowling-Chakras and Pace-Rockets.

Happy Diwali to all @ BCC! too..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Happy Diwali Sujan!

Anonymous said...

Prosper, Prosper and hope Coventry doesn't harbour any ill feelings for being denied strike.

Happy Diwali to BCC!

BCC! said...

Happy Diwali Anon!

Why would Coventry harbour such feelings

Anonymous said...

"His partner's on the verge of a major landmark here, a single should have been fine "