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Why Sidhu should be India's next fielding coach

by Som

It's not easy to create vacancy when laying off is of the essence. But BCCI manages to do it with elan.

How? Simply by laying off!

So here rolls the head of Robbing-turned-Robbed Singh and there rolls the same of country's most famous luggage-handler Venkateswara's Prasad.

To sum up the situation, there you have two ready vacancies.

Now while BCCI is free to jolt a retire Supreme Court judge out of his slumber and make him head a head-hunting panel to find the next bowling coach, I would mildly suggest that the irrepressible Navjot Singh Sidhu aka Jonty Singh for the fielding coach's job.

Dub my a loony, call me a Sidhu, but not before you listen to the arguments.

Of course the proposition is fraught with risks of hearing impairments but Sidhu's presence is guaranteed to lift the fitness and fielding levels to such a stratospheric level, from where players would simply refuse to come down.

After all, you can't go home and have your eight hours when all ringing inside your dome is something along this line:

"Oye Guru, you miss a catch and it can be catch 22."

Let me tell you, no judge or participant has survived more than two sessions in any TV shows which had Sidhu under the same roof from where plasters came off every time he laughed.

So if dropping a catch invites a one-on-one session with Sidhu, no right-thinking cricketer – I would go to the extent of including the left-thinking ilk as well – would make that fatal mistake.

Besides, Younis Khan would vouch, it pays to have MPs by your side.

Anyone listening?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Sidhu as communications manager is a strong possibility, of course he makes it, so should Azhar, as fielding coach (MP again, why not), and the duo should travel to England. I'd like some more comebacks.

Sujan Rao said...

Sidhu and Azar would be a great Mirch Masala combi. Nicely written NC, the more I read the more heart asks. :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers Sujan. Here's some more on Sidhu+Azhar

Som said...

NC, that England jugalbandi is a mouth-watering prospect!