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How to survive seven

by Gaurav Sethi

Do not plonk the itinerary on to your desktop. This may not be enough to ignore game dates, but it will help you ignore game timings; and like me, you will expect every game to be a day-night game.

After all in India the floodlights move in even before Hon’ble Chief Guest can lay the foundation stone. Then follows camera, action and lastly the stadium. But Vadodara turned out to be a day game. Had it been Baroda, who knows what would have been.

Like the players, plan for a hedonistic night-before match - you will wake up wasted in the 48th over of the first innings. Good only, Amit Mishra’s not playing. For that matter, the eleven on the field are not playing either– by now you will have updates on missed catches. So what, you missed them too.

Hydrate yourself. Make yourself useful round the house. Turn up for the first over; be there to see Jatman off. See yourself off.

Count on a powercut, one hour and middle overs gone. Return with power, and the batting power play.

Feel vindicated that the batting power play should not be taken before the forty fifth over. Watch the tail-enders smash it around. See the last ball of the game, finally that’s what leaves you with that ‘I-saw-it-all feeling’. You will have invested very little, but the returns will be Reliancelike (and it was the Reliance stadium today)

Stick to these simple steps, not only will you survive this series, you will live through another seven. Just like Bhajji the bowler.


Shailesh said...

Good one, NC!
Sure is a great recipe to watch a match and avoid unnecessary heartburns. Guess this is one occasion where the highlights of the match would be longer than the 'entire' match that one would see!:-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Shailesh, yeah, it adds up to a cool package of one hour highlights, that to adless.

You can always tweak the recipe, let it simmer some more when India's hot.