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Not a Paine in the Aus.

by Gaurav Sethi

In the first two games against India, Australia opened the batting with Tim Paine. They must have had their reasons, beyond me. Meanwhile Marsh, he was in the basement, hanging out with the tail.

Nearly 25, Tim Paine still looks too young, even for under-19 cricket. In barely two months he’s gloved 15 ODIs. If seven are too many, what about fifteen, Ricky?

Poor Paine, he even has a hundred, against England of all people. Now Marsh doesn’t have a hundred, but there’s something about him that whispers, I can open.

The quiet reassurance that classy openers have, Marsh has that. I see him scoring a ton this series, either Delhi or Mohali. If it happens at some another venue, I’ll take that.

Marsh has five gears, breaks, and car insurance too, top that his model is called Shaun. It worked for Pollock, it will for him; like a boon.

As too Paine’s injury for this Aussie team; they could just unearth a long term opening option; and to think, they weren’t even looking.

Well, I’ve been. Like to see Marsh open with Hopes. If they’re good enough for Kings XI, they’re good enough for me. And of course, their national side.

(of course Hopes is injured, but then isn't everybody; cricket is like love, it hurts)


straight point said...

...and as if in protest to your post... they are not even playing him today...

Gaurav Sethi said...

I see Ponting gng the Vettori way, opening today, coach and selector by the end of the series.

straight point said...

aha... this also means they will go nz way... :)