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Thinking ahead : Champions League Season II

by Gaurav Sethi

(A few days back I called for more Indian players in the Champions League; that was before the three IPL teams went down on the foreign clubs.)

Just imagine, if there were at least four Indians in the foreign clubs, everybody would be losing, not just the IPL teams. You’d have tighter finishes, super overs, bowl outs, eliminators, exterminators.

But it’s not that funny. Give it a few days, and you’re faced with the prospect of no IPL teams in the next round. Then you can sit and not watch your favourite firangi club. OK, so there go the TRPs.

Star Cricket shows the English county scene, what are the TRPs for that – less than an 11.30 pm Star Plus re-run.

But this Champions League is basically an IPL talent scouts’ dream – he can watch a fortnight of cricket, and figure a few smart buys for next season. That’s basically what it is.

And by next year, the IPL teams will be stronger, a hot pick for $200k (like the Daredevils bought Nannes from Victoria), and they’ll have a serious shot at the Champions League Twenty20 Season 2.

1 comment:

achettup said...

I never thought about it that way... did you notice how Laxman was no longer "injured"? Strengthens the case for how seriously Deccan are taking this tournament!