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What will you do with five Kiwis?

by Gaurav Sethi

That’s five Kiwis too many. Here you are on the final day of the Bored Game, and you’re allowed a max of six players from one team. Seeing as a team packs eleven, and not a Hong Kong super Six, wadaya do – you gotta pick five Kiwis. Beyond Vettori (fresh out of denial) and Elliott (fresh from a win) who can you possibly pick – Taylor is overpriced, Bond still winces, and what kind of name is Guptill?

Once you’ve shopped, left with some loose change, sure, go sweep Broom of his feet. He’s easy at 75,000. The tough part, once you’ve packed in two allrounders, Elliott and Johnson (and allowed only one more) who will be the third – Watson or Vettori? The mind says Vettori, but mindlessness, that is the heart says Watson. Think I’m going to sleep on it, wait for the toss, and then roll the bones.

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