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Younis fishing in troubled waters

by Som

Younis Khan runs away with sympathy. And you can’t grudge him for that.

By and large, parliamentarians generate exactly as much respect as a lamp-post draws from a stray dog. Evidence was not really sought but Jamshed Dasti and his nitwit colleagues in the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports explain why.

Unfortunately for Pakistan cricket, Younis is not an angel either.

His past will tell you he has a rather ambiguous approach to captaincy. He would not stick his neck out but would not mind it either if somebody serves it on a platter.

Some people have all the luck and Younis led the team to T20 World Cup glory, earning himself a slice of history.

And then his dramatic stepping down not only earned him some precious Brownie points but also a martyr’s stature.

Younis knows the din raised by the National Assembly mad-hatters would die down and PCB has to fall back on him.

Everything timed perfectly, Younis has told PCB to name him captain till 2011 World Cup or just forget it.

So while Ejaj Butt scratched his head bald, you can actually imagine Younis flashing that Cheshire smile. After all it's a win-win situation for him.


straight point said...

i sincerely believe that he is justified to ask for captaincy till 2011 to keep the these 15 minute fame seekers at bay... the pak team has just started to play as team under him and i don't think they have suitable option with them to captain right now...

afridi in not at all interested in tests and going back to malik will take them back to wilderness of factions in team...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Younis may not be an angel, but he is no Simon & Garfunkel either.

With the filth around there is no other way to play it for Younis. Best to play hard to get with the PCB, than be a puppet like Malik.

Tho I think Younis called wrongly, after the win vs India, he shouldn't have played, what with the injury and all - then the world would've seen the true worth of Afridi as a one day captain.

Som said...

SP, let this 15-minute fame-seekers be eaten by bears. You hit the nail on the head when you say PCb has no option but Younis. Those who see their messiah in Afridi should brace for a tumultuous future.
You can't have a better captain than Younis right now but Shoaib Malik si playing some dirty tricks. He has got a lobby to lobby for him and run a campaign against Younis. The T20 ray of hope has been engulfed by this darkness of cynicism.

Som said...

NC, Malik was a puppet when he was a captain. Now he has put together a lobby to scuttle Younis' ship. see the link.

rmblr said...

More importantly, the Parliament has no business meddling in Board affairs. The useless PCB top brass should be acting as an ablative meatshield for its players at this point. It's clear they lack the competence to defend their turf in any other way.

Reverse Swing said...

why BCC! is always so hard on Younis poor soul, isn't he already having enough from his own territory lolz.

@Straight Point, you suggestion about having a draw before a match or series for captain name seems best option, kudos :D

Anonymous said...

Younis Khan should not have resigned in fit of anger and temparament.

Now that he has resigned, he has kept the door ajar open for a return, which would happen in subsequent time.

Let the idiots of the political breed along with the headless Butt be shunted out and all powers be rested with Younis Khan to take the team to 11.

Som said...

Gorogor, you made a valid point that MPs should ideally be busy with far more important issues than poking their bloody nose in cricket affairs. But the tragedy in the sub-continent is that every Tom Dick Harry politician is eager to get a slice of the cricket pie, which guarantees instant fame. Who knew Jamshed Dasti before he opened his dirty mouth to badmouth Younis and Co.?

Som said...

Reverse Swing, I can't take responsibility for all BCC! posts but in this case, I had some dependable sources to rely on.
Let's accept, post-Inzy, Pak could not have a better captain than Younis in the sense he is one of the rare sensible guys in green. It's only that he too is finding it convenient to press for his long-term ambition.

Som said...

Chandler, note the sheer theatrics of Younis' resignation. A captain does not make a song and dance of his resignation but submits his letter to that effect, either in person or through mail.

I insist Younis is the best option Pak has but at the same time, Younis is using the situation to get himself a long run, till 2011, which PCB otherwise is not ready to commit to right now.

rmblr said...

Som, that's not what I meant. As a Sports oversight committee, it is their job to stick their unwelcome noses into cricket. However, it's extremely improper for them to be interacting directly with the national captain. They can grill the PCB chairman as much as they wish, but that's all. They can't, and shouldn't, be circumventing the Board execs.

Someone needed to take on Dasti, but it really should've been Ejaz Butt. It's a completely unfounded and ridiculous allegation; how hard is it to dismiss something that flimsy?

Som said...

Gorogoro, you are right. The problem is with the set-up. In Parliaments, you have hundreds of standing committees on important issues and in most cases, their role is more of advisory panels. I have some experience of working with one Standing Committee on Railways and a Consultative Committee on Tourism in the Indian parliament and their role is strictly confined to make suggestions and stuff all their anger and venom in reports they issue from time to time. It simply has no punitive power. I think that works because MPs are expected to be knowledgable about the issues they dabble in but that hardly happens.
So I didn't expect Dasti and Co to realise why actually Pakistan lost. And unfortinately, they lived up to my expectation. Very sad.