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by Gaurav Sethi

So Sachin goes on and scores one of those melodramatic hundreds, it even has an unhappy ending – the boy doesn’t get the girl, worse, the boy doesn’t get the game.

This is the stuff that rips through cricketers’ hearts. They become all soppy and soul searching. What have I become, they sing Johnny Cash, forget about the money, and missile into the game.

The day after Sachin’s 175 the former KKR captain, NZL opener, and one trick pony, Brendon McCullum scored his second hundred. If Bhajji had opened, he would have had two hundreds by now.

That’s what Sachin’s hundred did, it made a wasted Knight Rider rediscover the bat and his self esteem.

But that’s the least of it. In the land of the afternoon sunset, Guwahati, Jatman prepares for sustained assault.

He will thank Sachin tomorrow after he scores a hundred. And if he doesn’t then that’s just plain bad manners.

But let it be known, Sachin has once again touched Sehwag’s soul. Boost is the secret of my energy blurts Viru. Our energy blurts Sachin.

On another train of thought: The effects of a ton by Tendulkar


pRAFs said...

alright people, wwe know what so say.. so say it out loud now.
btw, brendon has bad manners too, he didn't thank Sachin after the match.

Mahek said...

Gee with all the adulatory messages it seems we almost didn't lose the last game.

scorpicity said...

One trick pony bu ha ha ha... love it.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Yesss, OUR energy ..hmmm....