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Game over

by Scorpicity

A few days back you had to see Jadeja, Praveen and Ashish Nehra not being able to score 3 runs.

Now here they are scoring over 100!

The noose is around the Indian team's neck. Praveen and Jadeja have decorated it to make it look a bit better.

Fancy that... Couldn't score 3 but can score a 100. Good effort boys. That's what you call a real slap and a giggle.

Australia have sent their entire cavalry to India. One more man down and you will have their school children playing and kicking our butts. The medical tourism department of India failed to cache in on the opportunities. They would have made a killing over these freaks instead they are happy harassing poor Sanjay Bangar.

Doug Bollinger takes a fiver. Very well deserved sir. He watched as Siddle jumped the line over him. I always felt he was the smarter bowler of the two and both are going about quite nicely. His number came and he said “five”.

As for India's defence of 170, I have a premonition.

Dhoni bowls and takes 7. He snarls like a beast and takes apart Marsh with a chopstick. Nehra takes the catch of the century... Upside down and between his legs with only six degrees of separation between.

Is the match over yet? Or should I still be dreaming.

Game and series over. Fancy playing 3 fast bowlers in the sub-continent. Dill-logical my sorry arse.


pRAFs said...

what a lame ass performance man.
even though, the conditions were helping bowlers, wasn't it nescessary for the batsmen to show some application.

Well, the less said about nehra and munaf's intelligence, the better.
If you have anyone at the other end, who has more chances of scoring a run, why the hell would you open up your stumps to a bowler?

Gaurav Sethi said...

MS didn't want to bat second in the dark so he batted first. Either way we was in the dark.

How much of a monster pitch @8.30?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

well if we had chased...hmmm...lets see now , which is darker : Oz winning by 6 wckts or us losing by 100 runs ? damn , we still in the dark

scorpicity said...

Prafs... The only application I saw was the face cream.

scorpicity said...

He needs dark beer now NC. The pitch offered nothing exceptional to the bowlers.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

So thats the series gone then ...

And what better time than this for a morale boosting "we are the best , head and shoulders over the rest" post

Homer - we wait ; one more molehill to destroy!

he he he :-)

scorpicity said...

There is a nice Ozzy song... Shot in the dark. They shot their foot with a torchlight though.

Som said...

Scorpicity, you hit the nail on head. Only application was only the face cream. Now they stand defaced. They didn't ask for it. They pleaded for it.

Madhu Rao said...

It was another series loss against the Oz for Indians. Once again, the Indians were far behind the Oz in the overall game.

Check out my thoughts at

Jonathan said...

Hard to believe...

Scorpi, Bollinger can look good. One of his problems is that at times he is not even one of the top five NSW bowlers. He didn't have a spot in the team in the 2008 Shield final where Siddle did bowl really well.

scorpicity said...

Welcome madhurgr... Hope to see more of you... Cheers

scorpicity said...

Jonathan, I watched one season or almost one a couple of years back. This was before he had his scalp makeover.

I quite liked him in the a-tours and practice matches in India. Siddle made his debut in that tour and Doug played well in the practice match. Siddle is a powerhouse ox and is coming along nicely. I did hear he bowled well in the 2008 shield final and that got him his place in the side.

Good for Australian cricket.

Homer said...

Nice dig Bhaskar.. And just the perfect time to stick the boot in.

Team India could learn from this.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Sorry Homer , couldn't resist :-)
PS : but are you writing a positive post or no ? cos i'm planning the usual negative one soon as i get some time to put it together atta boy , let's go !

Homer said...


Go for it :).. I am enjoying the last of the good weekends here before we get snowed in :)