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Vettori to captain Pak now.

by Gaurav Sethi

Captain, selector, coach, bowler, batsman, spectacle, still not enough for Vettori. But a little much for Younis – it was bad enough skippering MoYo and Boom Boom, then to see this spectacled monster juggle so many roles.

Younis smiled angrily:

“While Aamer and last wicket partnership is happening this Vettori was appealing so much I didn’t like it much and he is putting not good pressure on to us so I am not going to be being captain for the New Zealand test series and if he could can be doing in such a good job let him could be captaining Pakistan team also it is up to him I am not saying anything let him see what he can do”

Basically Younis will not captain the Pak test team to New Zealand. He could still go as a tourist, but not captain. MoYo will be captain in name, meaning, Pak will be headless.

This of course suits Boom Boom and MoYo who never call heads at the toss, but spare a thought for Vettori.

Never one to shy away, Vet is taking Younis’ comment positively. And while he will remain captain for the Kiwis, he will be a Ghost captain for the Pak team.

A big one for fancy dress, Vet as ghost captain pulled out his Halloween outfit as the three witches from Macbeth. "Very apt, he’s such a multi-tasker, he is, isn’t he, oh, yes he is" – echoed the three witches in union. Along with the usual, “fair is foul, foul is fair” drivel.

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scorpicity said...

MoYo and YoYO seem to be taking turns rubbing each other's back. YoYo has shot himself.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Just when you think Younis had it made, he stopped scoring. Pak cricket, nearly forgot all the trappings.

Leela said...

LOL post!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Leela, I'm so happy Pak cricket is back

straight point said...

but for these side shows who will notice pak cricket...?

Wasim said...

Vettori is more than welcome to captain Pakistan but he too will last only one series:)

YK's personal form deserted him at the wrong time if he had scored a few runs things could have panned out differently.