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Cinderella Redux

by Mahek

Once upon a time there was TINA. TINA was extremely popular with the Blue Man Group. She charmed and mesmerised her minions for almost 7 years. While her stock has gone down of late there are still some of those Blue Men who like to HUM songs in her praise, when in fact TINA is well and truly past her prime. Maybe her aficionados are high on MSD? These men of questionable taste are also seeing MINA on the side. No one really knows what makes MINA so alluring but it's been rumoured that MINA is TINA's younger sister, let's face it, it's every hot-blooded male's fantasy to score the sister combo.

But while the Blue Man Group was been blinded by their love for TINA and MINA, poor little HINA was left in the cold. HINA is their step-sister, a modern-day Cinderella if you will. All she does is play darts in her basement and curses like a sailor who hasn't been laid in months. No one has noticed her so far even though she seems to be The One for the Blue Man Group. Does HINA have a fairy godmother? Will the fairy godmother turn HINA into a beautiful princess who captivates The Blue Man Group, or will the Evil Sisters continue to cast a spell on those unsuspecting men?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Now look what you've done, gone and ruined every cricket lovers favourite fairy tale.

At least leave H out this one.

Rohit said...

I didn't get the HUM...?