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From Dubai Sports City, Live

by bored cricket crazy indians

Update 1

Just reached - walked enough for a lifetime - totally worth it to see the stadium - its bloody brilliant ! Well we get in, nazir gets out ...and bond, he's quick.

Update 2

Update 3

Malik's gone but the people were never here - I mean half the stadium's empty surprisingly. But half a stadium of subcontinentals is enough to make a racket - and it sure is one here. Great buzz. Suprb atmsphere as usual - so fcnkg great to be at a venue , and this looks like a truly special one. Well done Dubai ! Look forward to some big shots from both sides tonight. Disappointed to have both nazir and afridi gone , hope razzaq does the fireworks - going by that boundary maybe he will yet.

Update 4

So I look up from my camera to see who s walked in that's elicited that roar from the crowds. Cudn't be afridi. No younis either. Surely not imran khan ?!!! Lo behold ai Mhd Aamer ! The pak obsession with pace !

Update 5

Stepped out for a smoke - deathly silence from inside - of course , the wickets side shows zero ...

Update 6

The scoreboard before it conked off

Update 7

Damn , that's Mac gone lum. Crowds ibvsly going berserk with this Tanvir over. Which one ? Don't ask. The scoreboard's not working !

Update 8

We enjoying the kiwi line up names - broom , butler ... Meanwhile a (presumably) Kiwi family sit nearby looking terrified. The atmosphere must sound like Waziristan to them. Of course the onfield score right now looks even more dire. Ah , a boundary at long last. Hope to see this one go down to the wire with plenty electricity in between.

by Bhaskar Khaund


Mahek said...

Not too surprising to see a half-filled stadium when it's in the middle of nowhere. It's the same problem with the good stadiums in India too. Who the hell is responsible for planning???

Gaurav Sethi said...

If you're looking for a close game, there's one on tomorrow - it doesn't get closer than back to back games.

Unknown said...

YOU LUCKY...rhymes with castard..!!
Ooh I wish I'd been there! Well this post is as good. Kind of. Actually it just serves to make me envious.

Nathan said...

Mhmm, love a good looking ground, old weakness; and that is definitely a nice looking ground!

Mahek said...

It's a stadium, not a ground. A very well-built and good-looking one in the middle of nowhere.

Nathan said...

Ah, you split hairs with me >:

Strange to build it in the middle of nowhere though. Maybe they just figure people will build in its direction and in a few years, walla, it's downtown!