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A third captain in three days.

by Gaurav Sethi

That’s Pakistan cricket for you. Until day before Younis Khan was skipper. Then yesterday Mohammad Yousuf became captain. And now it’s Shahid Afridi who will captain the team.

Younis was the one day captain. Now it appears he was captain for a day. He stepped down as Pak captains often do, and MoYo was made captain – mind you, not of the one day team, but the test team that sails to New Zealand.

It is still unknown whether MoYo will also captain the ship. Is the ship the Titanic? Between Younis and Yousuf, they make YoYo.

Today it’s your day, tomorrow mine, and so on. It is a well mannered arrangement, very democratic. Once the army takes over it could be different. Remember how Musharraf ran cricket when he was country captain? He was more interested in the cricket than the country.

Rumour had it that his cabinet meetings were across a green top that measured 22 yards. Often when he was incognito, it was said, General is in the yard.

Anyway, on from MoYo and YoYo and Mush, it’s Boom Boom's day today. Pak play New Zealand in a twenty20 in Dubai. Bored Member Bhaskar and Raja be there, Q will wish he was.

Another format, another captain – so it’s Boom Boom today. And on the 4th day they will take a rest from captains, so you think?

If there’s a Hong Kong Super Sixes, a special envoy, one of the Pak backbenchers in China, he’ll be there. And if you’re Pakistani, never know, you could be King for a day. Imagine captaining, MoYo, YoYo, Boom Boom. Ok, don’t.


Unknown said...

Too much Zee TV soap opera drama. Situation keeps changing tilting rocking to and fro. I feel seasick.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Like watching Jim Carry for me