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Gotta new way to say Thank You Sachin!

by bored cricket crazy indians

Of course you don’t. How could you, you are not an Indian cricketer.

If you were, every morning, after thanking the BCCI for not having to type in your whereabouts, you would Thank Sachin for being alive, among other cricketing reasons.

But let’s say you have a new way. What good is it sitting in your oesophagus? Spit it out.

If you can say Thank You Sachin without sounding like Jatman, Yuvi, Bhajji or MS, send it to us. Who knows we might thank you, and put it up as a post here.

Aside: Sree thanked Sachin for driving his Honda Civic – with “so much style”, “Sachin he drives a Ferrari and he was driving my Honda Civic”

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Thank You Sachin
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K said...

Aila! Itne saare thank you. It is most definitely the greatest moment of my life. Vinod.. you didn't say anything. Oh...I forgot.. I know, I know, you will convey your thoughts through Mr. Bachchan next Friday.

- Sachin

Unknown said...

Uff sab Sachin ki tareef karte hain..boooooooring