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Tendulkar20 business.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Just too much of saccharine, this Tendulkar20 business.

Deep inside, the Little Master himself must be embarrassed by the mindless hysteria he finds himself in and around him.

His fawning fans in the media have made such a vulgar song and dance of his 20 years in international cricket that I won't be surprised if he comes up with his own version of Karl Marx’s Thank-God-I'm-Not-A-Marxist renouncement.

When someone like Ravi Shastri advocates blanket imprisonment for every Tendulkar critic, you suspect fascism trying to stage a comeback with cricket as its vehicle.

Raj Thackeray can sleep peacefully. Indian cricket is in safe hands.

You can read more of this profane post at Som's Doosra


Mahek said...

Looks like Som beat me to knocking some perspective into people :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Not that we didn't talk about it

Mahek said...

We did, but there was badminton to be played, beach to be lazed at and biryani to be had. All of it much more important that writing a blogpost :)

Som said...

Mahek, I run the risk of being knocked down and out now:)

Som said...

Maheka, didn't like that Biryani part.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Som , very true. i totally get what you're saying. the indian media by and large is a bunch of embarassing self-righteous and self-gloating jokers.i've always maintained that indian cricket is over-hyped beyond reality. am also far from being a blind tendulkar fanatic. But i am a fan and all said and done , after all these years , his is still the wicket i curse most when it falls. It' still one of the main reasons why i may switch off the TV ! If i honestly ask myself as a cricket viewer the significance of the last 20 years of having sachin around , my honest answer to myself is : it has been EVERYTHING. period. ! I know a lot of people feel that way. This man has been huge. So i say even this celebration is OK - we can live with one more bit of OTT hysteria ! :-)

Tifosi Guy said...

What are the odds of another Gavaskar and Kapil spat after this article ? :-)

For me the clincher statement comes at the end of the first paragraph - he started off as a destroyer, but somewhere down the line became a record-breaker.

Also the bit about going from 50 to 55 in 5 overs. Clincher statements and you can't argue with either !

Now would the likes of Shastri and Gavaskar trash Kapil ?

Som said...

Bhaskar, in a way I'm happy that no other Indian player would be accorded such hysteria. And that underlines Tendulkar's greatness, which would remain beyond any other player. Kudos to Little Master but may his media sycophants be eaten by mad bears:)

Som said...

Tifosi guy, strangely Kapil alone seems to have retained sanity in this maddening hour. Or probably he did not have anything to lose:) Jokes apart, Kapil's was the only sensible remark in this entire circus.