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Jatman and the spinnerman.

by Gaurav Sethi

When did Jatman last face a spinner? This series he hasn’t, and facing Bhajji in the nets doesn’t count.

What about Amit Mishra – to downsize the little boy further, he doesn’t get a net now. While Jadeja on song doesn’t bowl all ten in the middle, in the nets they want him to bat instead.

But that has little to do with Jatman. Hauritz has still not faced him. Deal is Jatman has curfew – Sehwag ki maa told him to return from the crease within the first power play.

But just imagine, if and when Jatman faces Hauritz, even if it’s just for one ball.

Even if Jatman is at the non-strikers end: Hauritz will still be facing him.

Pause, think about Hauritz droopy sad eyebrows.

Even before he can bowl, his grip on the ball will slip, the seam will go awry, sad eyebrows even sadder – don’t do me like that.

Ponting will give Hauritz two mid-offs – the taller guy a few feet behind.

Of course Jatman will hit Hauritz there, nowhere else to go.

But the result don’t matter, what does is that Jatman and spinnerman will meet.

Today. There’s nothing else to this series, is there?

And say, if they get beyond their shy acquaintance – if it lasts six balls, a full over, a moment in time.

How will Jatman flog the spinnerman, like he would a sinnerman.

The tight angles behind will come into play, inside out, outside in, no way out, cut a mutt, get outta the rut, the dead series could come alive.

If only Ponting removes mid off.


Som said...

Brilliant NC, it rocks. Can't wait to see Jatman vs Spinnerman.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Who would have guessed, we still have to wait to see.