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MoYo's word

by Gaurav Sethi

Have you seen MoYo’s word in print before – I had not until today. One of the perks of captaincy, you get to spray your seedy word all over the place. As I ruffled through the Mail Today, a piece by MoYo. I nearly fell off the earth.

It was too frank, pointlessly so, which is why I liked it. Here from MoYo one word too many on Sachin:

“We have met often in hotel lobbies, at grounds and in elevators, but haven’t met or talked to each other elsewhere.”

It’s blatantly obvious Sachin is trying to avoid MoYo.

“Whenever we have met, it has always been in good humour”

Is MoYo insinuating that Sachin laughs at him? Or he laughs at Sachin?

“The fact is that when we play matches both of us are busy. The cricket schedule is so tight that these days it is not possible to give time to our families, leave alone interacting with cricketers on the cricket field”

This further convinces me that MoYo will be a hands off captain, who will forever field at third man.

“And whenever we have met, we have discussed only cricket. But we don’t discuss our batting”

C'mon, out with it man, did you discuss the ICL or not?

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