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V are family.

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s bad enough watching Umar Akmal get out once in one day, twice in two days, that’s pushing it.

But it’s now clear to me the way forward for Pakistan cricket is the Akmal family. Two is not enough. Bring them siblings, cousins, uncles, nephews.

Observe how they will play in that V – first movement always forward, they drive sedans for shots. Even when they play to third man, it’s with the same intent to play forward albeit in a twisted way. As Waqar will say, “these buoys create their own V”

For a moment, imagine what an all Akmal team would be like: like a good, old fashioned Indian joint family, that’s how Asian teams are meant to be.

It’s easy, the eldest will be captain, and the youngest will carry drinks. All the earnings will go into the family kitty. It will be easier to fix matches, and if a player like MoYo with exceptional talent is to be considered, no problem, he can convert, and become an Akmal.


Mahek said...

That was below the belt, but not entirely uncalled for :D

Gaurav Sethi said...

It's the only way forward for a fractured team.

Nathan said...

This sounds terrifying, can they tour Aus next?


Wasim said...

Oh come on get a life, you and your hateful posts have become so predictable.I Knew your next target will be Akmal bros.Such hateful and nefarious posts might please some Indians but the rest of the world won't give a shit about this piece of shit you wrote.Cheers

Gaurav Sethi said...

Nathan, not gonna commit but I'm sure they can hop over from nzl to oz

Gaurav Sethi said...

Wasim, I have mailed you, need to confirm this comment has been made by the Wasim Saqib I thought I knew.

Reverse Swing said...

I agree with Wasim, this is little too much over the line. We are fine with writing in some kind of American comedy way about cricket and cricketers but this is crap.

If it is not hate as you wold say then think again before writing something like this if you really want to write for cricket fans. But if it is just a personal shit coming out, have fun!

Rohit said...

Come on guys, lighten up! The article goes on to talk about a typical Indian family playing together... It's not targeted slander, just some good old humour. You know Pakistan has thrashed us for most of our cricket history. Hell, I think the ODI record stands at 62-39 or something. This is the first time we're a little bit better than you guys. Don't grudge us our long delayed fun.

Reverse Swing said...

@Rohit, have fun buddy u deserve it but don't forget to maintain it what u have achieved so far which is a hell of a job, look at us and West Indies where were we or they and where are we now.

Don't let money and those business hungry management get over the game they will kill it.

This old humor hurts a bit, when u simply ignores every one else actually ignoring a whole nation. Its just a bunch of losers haunting us and we will get rid of them soon and would love to have some face to face encounters ;)