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7 villains of the Kotla fiasco

by Som

1. Daljit Singh: For saying it’s a common sense that a pitch is never at its best in the first 6-12 months and also revealing that the entire square at Kotla, which houses seven pitches, was relaid in April;

2. Vijay Bahadur Mishra: A scam, a hoax. He is a DDCA Sports Committee member who doubles up as curator! He is basically a kit-seller. Talk to any of the kids and they would tell you it’s mandatory for them to buy his stuff only;

3. Chetan Chauhan: For saying Sangakkara & Co chickened out. They should have waited till someone got decapitated, he perhaps meant. He said he played on worse tracks. But then we too stayed in caves at some point of time;

4. Arun Jaitley: The holy cow at DDCA who needs the goons for those proxy votes but still claims that moral high ground;

5. Sports Committee: An assortment of petty criminals, shady thugs and middlemen who can’t tell a mid-on from a midwicket but have completely hijacked DDCA with Jaitley’s quiet patronage;

6. BCCI Tour and Fixture Committee: For their association-appeasing rotation policy, which they often conveniently bend whenever it suits them. Lalit Modi & Co don’t consider weather/ground conditions/schedule when doling out matches. They knew Delhi is unfit to host any match at least till April next year but still they scheduled it here;

And finally

7. Kotla crowd: For their sheer lethargy that allowed the DDCA officials to return unscathed from the ground.


Indophile said...

you didn't mean the last point, did you ?

They ripped apart seats and caused as much destruction as possible what else is required to show disappointment.

Each one of these famous ex players from Delhi region plays petty politics and are in some sort of camp including that moron Chetan Chuahan. Now Madan Lal, Kirti Azad et al are doing their version of candlelight vigil to prove that they would have done a better job. Its a farce really, they should disband all local associations and try to restrict number of international venues.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Chetan Chauhan's comment about SL chickening out was the biggest pi*s off in this whole farce - no limit to shamelessness clearly

Som said...

Indo, I did mean it. They rage was ill spent on chairs.

But at the same time, you are spot on. Don't trust the other party, this Kirti Azad-Madan Lal-Bishan Bedi gang. They are equally obnoxious.

Som said...

Bhaskar, I'm happy both Gambhir and Bhajji said the pitch was unfit for play. Chauhan,being a former player, disgraced himself.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

True Som , i was also really happy with gambhir and bhajji for saying that (and sehwag also i think ?)

Som said...

Bhaskar, Sehwag said even before the incident took place. He said in Eden itself that he was ahppy to wrap up the series there bcoz he didn't know how Kotla would behave.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Better if they called it Kotha

Som said...

NC, spot on. And it's well-documented how one of the father of a young player used a call girl to force his son's selection.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, I would never have guessed