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The continuing saga of BossDK and BiggBosST : 1

by Bhaskar Khaund

This is the first in a series of stories centered around the famous cricketing duo of BossDK and BiggBosST whose partnerships are the stuff of legend and folklore.

BiggBosST (ST) is on 99. BossDK (DK) is at the non-striker end. ST signals to DK to be prepared for a quick single off the next ball. DK nods in agreement. Their understanding is legendary.

ST takes guard. Faces up. Bowler runs in. Bowls.

Ball moves sharply back at ST and raps him on the pads. Hmm , looks close.

Loud appeal from fielding side. But it's turned down.

And then suddenly there is mega large scale commotion. A most peculiar incident has unfolded.

The non-striker - DK , yes ! - has refered the decision.

TV umpire upholds the appeal. ST has to walk back to the pavilion.

A despondent DK buries his head deep in his hands. Or, going by his keeping earlier that day, its probably his hands he has buried deep in his head.