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Sachin equals the Don at Cuttack - Lara remains supreme

by Bored Guest

Sachin's ninety odd runs at Cuttack were invaluable even though he missed his century. After all, nothing is perfect in life, the Don as lbw in his last innings missed a perfect average of one hundred. You could say Kartik was at fault but he would say 'I was just doing my job'. And, in fact it is quite believable that he was indeed doing his job.

But, then he could have done his job a little better. He is intelligent enough to know there was no hurry to finish the game. And, that Sachin could have completed his hundred if allowed to do so by his partner.

India however won and as Gavaskar used to say "it does not matter how the the runs come, as long as they come". Will Sachin return the favor to Kartik by perhaps running him out when the latter is a run short of his century. Only time will tell.

If i am not mistaken the Don needed four runs to achieve his hundred percent average. Sachin if i am not wrong needed 4 to reach his century. So, Sachin equals Don. All was not lost at Cuttack.

p.s. Brian Lara is the greatest because only he has scored that elusive four runs - hundred times to be the only batsman to have scored four hundred runs. Q.E.D.

by Roop Khanna


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Roop.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Indeed , or better , Foursooth :-)

boredbhatia said...

Roop uncle u sound bored