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My triples are prettier than yours.

by Gaurav Sethi

Ever since Rohit Sharma was dumped from national duty, it appeared to me, he was just marking time – one innings from him, one injury to a player, and he’ll be back. Rohit knocked off a triple for Mumbai, not just any triple, but a Sehwagesque triple – 309* (322). Which is when I saw the return ticket go into print. Now that Yuvraj’s injury rules him out of the Bangladesh tour, I see Rohit’s return ticket almost mail-ready.

When he made that triple, I was thinking Che Pujara – how many triples has Che made? Why is he still not playing for India? Why must I read this at cricinfo - "Yuvraj could be replaced by batsman Rohit Sharma, who last week boosted his chances of a national recall with a triple-century for Mumbai against Gujarat during the Ranji Trophy."

Now I’m thinking what would’ve happened if Yusuf Pathan had scored anything, leave alone a hundred?

I’m also thinking, this is some fancy tour; India play Bangladesh and Sri Lanka twice each (great, so it’s really a 7 ODI series with Lanka) – 4 games in a week; from Jan 4 – 11; game days – 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th. Nice, second ODI after a 1 day break, third after a 2 day break, and fourth after a no day break.

Frankly I’m disappointed – when will we play two ODIs in a day; one day game and the other, a night game. Together they can be called day night games.

A little light banter, so you too can overlook Che, again.


Homer said...

Playing Rohit now will be a retrograde step - both for Rohit and the team.

If India is looking for batting options, Murali Vijay is someone who can slot in. And if we are really looking to rehabilitate someone, Irfan Pathan could be a pretty good choice.

Che, I am not sure is to be tinkered with. I would hope though that he finds a passage to Bangladesh with the Test team.


Mahek said...


We're already playing one of our opening batsmen in the middle order, why do the same to Vijay? Don't see the need to call up Nohit, Kohli is going to replace Yuvraj for the last two ODIs and Karthik can be the back-up for the final one when Dhoni comes back.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Homer, I'm with you on Murali Vijay, and grudgingly on Irfan - the way he's been scoring for Baroda, is it time to look at him as a batting all-rounder?

But even if Che makes his intl debut in tests, he'll still be tinkered with when Yuvi returns. So too ODIs.

Think Che has a stronger chance to break in thru the ODIs, Raina's slot is still not sealed, and then the odd injury.

Think I know what you're hinting at, but do elaborate anyway on the "tinkered" bit.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, if India's 6 best one day batsmen all open for their state teams, I'd go with them.

Doubt Vijay will play even if chosen - Kohli's next in line, or is it DK? Hard to tell these days.

Prabu said...

It's funny how Rohit's name is bandied about after one triple on a flat track. Poor Badri always is the bridesmaid - he is not even talked as an option despite making a lot of runs in between his test waterboy duties....

raj said...

Prabu, I hear you. This season, Badri has scored century almost in every match he has played in Ranji. And he had the balls to rescue TN from 57/5 or so.
One 300 in a flat wicket and an otherwise struggling Rohit Sharma jumps ahead in the queue?

And watch out for the knockout when Mumbai have got the PLATE team despite TN topping their group by a mile(TN have to play Delhi).
A good score against Haryana and Rohit will be shoo-in for India call
Some guys havee all the luck!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Prabu, Badri was not meant to be, was clear from that SL ODI series; who knows, even before that - expectations of a Badri way higher than most.

Bet you've seen how he bats all over the place for CSK - he was/is not meant to be.

Aditya said...

with reference to the schedule NC i think the BCB have done a fair job each team plays back to back matches once in the tournament and they had to cram the tri-series in which i presume was an bi lateral one against India.

and what is with Sri Lanka and their obsession in playing Bangladesh! It seems like they have to play them atleast 2 times a year!

Nohit has some serious political backing to justify his talent of scoring against low quality bowling on flat tracks.

hoping against hope that Che gets a test call.

they need a player so that he carries drinks for the team an if they win the 4th one they will try them in the 5th !

Mahek said...

I'm looking at the schedule at I don't see a final for the tri-series.


Sri Lanka might play Bangladesh every two years but we seem to play the Lankans twice every year. It's gotten really boring, not that India-Sri Lanka matches ever appealed to me. I'd rather have us play South Africa and New Zealand play more often.

Aditya said...


Sri Lanka does not have an icon series with any country as such and to be frank don't have a great test history so they act up as fillers when India needs to play some cricket,match practice or cancels a series against Pakistan and no one wants to play Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is always more than happy to play them rather than not playing at all.
New Zealand are also in a similar situation in as Sri Lanka!
The new FTP post 2012 will show this even more!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Aditya, good to see you here.

Looking fwd to watch Bangladesh play, their top order plays like they stormed the Bastille; and there's always Shakib.

Btw could you mail bored:

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