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Denial Vettori no more.

by Gaurav Sethi

He’s back to being Daniel again, could be just for one innings, but I’m sure it’s good getting your Christian name back. I’ve always felt Vettori will be better opening the innings than closing it. Sure it’s easier to score of a ruddy old ball than a hard new one, but if you have a scientist in the team, let him out first – allow him to set up his lab, suss the conditions, and get back to you.

That’s the thing with Vettori, he will always get back to you; if not with the bat, then, with the ball, or an email. Oddly enough he’s not a comeback kid, but then, that could be because he doesn’t go anywhere – just a passing thought, what if they drop him, what kind of comeback will he make? I’m sure he’ll come back strongly, somersaults, pommel horse, maybe even the Roman rings.

Bloody unlikely with the glasses you’ll say – I agree. But what if he put the specs aside, and tried contacts? What if?

Like I’ve always felt what if Vettori bats ahead of McCullum? He can take his position, and give him his glasses. It will happen tomorrow – don’t be amazed if you see Vet walk out at 6 looking like a batsman sans specs, clean shaven, a proper looking cricketer; an enhanced stance, and once he plays, no prods to third man – where will he score his runs then, you ask?

My dear, as a proper Kiwi batsman you don’t score runs. You are part of the ruins.

1 comment:

Reverse Swing said...

well is this praise for his majesty genius four eye weired spinner or u r taking on him? I am confused.

Whatever but New Zealand must be thankful to him otherwise they might be a past folk lore of cricket.