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Pakistan's Muddle Order.

by bored cricket crazy indians

In the absence of Younis Khan, none of the so called seniors cared to bat up the order. Instead they were scattered all over the place, waiting for the older ball.

That was bored member naked cricket on 28th November. And now what does December 2 bring: Both espnstar and cricket next are harping on about their sources in the team. Not that you can call the Pak side a team.

First neither MoYo nor Shoaib Malik were keen on three, now Misbah's in town, and the holy trinity refuses to bat up the order.

Be wonderful if Inzi could play international cricket again. Together they will form the Great Pakistan Muddle Order. One tight unit: MoYo at four, Malik at half past four, Misbah at quarter to five, and Inzi, back from a nap at five.

Bored Joke: Now you know how Pakistan bats deep.


straight point said...

i wont be surprise if they turn the order up-side down... and still the result will be similar...

or maybe the can borrow dinesh karthick for a while... the guy just wanna play... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

They could do that, but I foresee another problem: all the batsmen will want to come nine down.

rmblr said...

I suggest sacking the top (sic) order and replacing them with bowlers and all rounders like razzaq afridi and rana. Shouldn't affect the result. Or we could renumber the batting positions from 5 to 16. Maybe that'll fool them for a while.