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Hello, was that you Bhajji?

by Gaurav Sethi

There was something about Bhajji today; from the moment he greeted Jatman’s hundred with a slavelike bow, you could tell he was determined to put in a special performance.

This of course was aided by not bowling in the power play overs; that’s for kids like Jadeja. Bhajji ages like wine, and the uncorking must not be rushed.

Bhajji came on to bowl after every bowler had been smashed. By then he believed in his legend, that he will save this cricketing race from decline.

He knocked Dilshan and Sanath over, though closer examination will tell you they knocked themselves – but Bhajji had it all today, for he doesn’t like it easy. When the wicket helps spin he doesn’t help himself. Today as he saw lesser mortals like Zaks and Nehra fall around him, he decided – I will bowl slow; a ball at 80 kmph. They will not expect this.

And when they try to play it off their pads, I will sneak one on the off stump. Ha! That will have them in a quandary. How do you think I knocked Dilshan’s off stump?

Also, let it be known I was the only bowler who went at less than 6 runs per over. Bhajji being a creature of habit likes to go at 5.80 runs per over; irrespective of the conditions, and today was no different. Who cares if the other guys go at 10 and 12 r.p.o., I’m good with my 5.80 r.p.o.

Of course Bhajji was the man of the match. But the modest man that he is, he requested the commentators to honour a lesser player. Well done Bhajji, you played so well, even we didn’t recognise you.


Anonymous said...

"creature of habit, goes at 5.80 per over irrespective of conditions"

priceless truth

Gaurav Sethi said...

The consistency is killing