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A day of daredevilry.

by bored cricket crazy indians

First the Jatman – 146 runs on the rocks. Then Dilshan, “hit me with a 160”. After that Nehra, shaken not stirred. If Rajkot was a bartender, these Dardevils were alcoholics.

Elsewhere Vettori started by snacking on two wickets, setting the Kiwis for a series win. Not to be, but then Vettori doesn’t play all Daredevil games. If he was a regular, who knows, a five for, followed by fireworks with the bat.

Even Asif, an erstwhile Daredevil lasted ten deliveries for his zero. His innings was such a dampener, it roped in the rains that robbed the Kiwis of a win.

And what about the other ex-Daredevil, Shoiab Malik; though not playing, and largely useless, he still booked his spot for the series down under.

Meanwhile Amit Mishra was letting it rip in the nets. If that wasn’t enough, David Warner ran two apartment blocks to catch a ball from another game. “Not out!” said the umpire, but David continued to smile impishly. And the whole world smiled; with the Daredevils.


Sujan Rao said...

Its actually the Dare devils who are doing the "Duniya Hila Daalo" thing.

What a day of cricket ! Nicely put on words too :)

raj said...

Poor Mishraji! Nets is all he can get now, now that Durby is showing signs of going back to his 2001 form. Glad to see that though - for all the bashing he gets from me and others, if can do justice to his talent, then it is worth it

Mahek said...

God help us if this is a sign of him coming back to his 2001 form. BTW, how do you have someone with a first class best of 84 at 6 while someone with a first class double hundred bats at 8?

raj said...

That only Mahen can answer Mahek. It is only a 'n' for a 'k' so you may try to give a 80% accurate answer for that :-)