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"Abandon Sydney Test"

by Gaurav Sethi

Watson finished 94 short of his second hundred. Ponting finished way before he got started. Katich finished even before the test started. Australia finished 127. It was much worse at tea, 66/7 which is when the murmurs started – the SCG is no better than the Kotla, abandon the test, someone’s ego will get hurt. Sangakkara was heard mumbling in his sleep.

Still asleep, he started waving, calling the Aussies back – they walked back for tea, somehow Sangakkara saw that and dozed off again.

Awake to the situation, Ponting looked sullen; then he asked if there was a match referee in attendance – what’s his name, is he the same idiot who officiated in Delhi? Appears it was someone by the name of Madugalle – Ponting was perplexed, isn’t Madugalle that place in Lanka, think I’ve played there.

When the 8th Aussie wicket fell, Sanga jumped out of bed – what, they’re still playing, he blurted. He started waving them back again, and nodding his disapproval - “Kandamby come back! NOW!”

Ponting felt his captain’s itch (that’s how test captain’s communicate) – he felt Sanga’s pain, “They really should abandon…”

Clarke nodded like only he can, and Hussey nodded like only he can, and Haddin didn’t nod, like only he can…yes, yes, they really should abandon…

Ponting continued…they really should abandon...the Kotla match.

Not for the first time, Ponting's team was disappointed by him.


Anonymous said...

Give it three days, the test will be abandoned

Gaurav Sethi said...

That is if we get three full days. Play 48 overs daily and this test could go on for 5 days

Naresh said...

"someone’s ego will get hurt"

believe it WAS at 2 for 2 ;-).

Cricket Tragic said...

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that Mohammad Sami got wickets? MOHAMMED SAMI, for Christ's sake!

BTW, I’ve moved to a Wordpress blog. Therefore, could you please update your blogroll with this new link? Thanks a heap in advance!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Precisely Naresh.

Sure CT, consider it done

Leela said...

Watson finished 94 short of his second hundred.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Leela, first I was thinking 'missed a 90 by 84', but he's stepped up now.

Reverse Swing said...

Punter has a heart to bat first on that pitch but I think he forgot about his batsmen which also include Hughes prince. You may call it stupidity :p

Gaurav Sethi said...

RS, this wasn't a 127 wicket, but oz sure is a 127 team. An innings defeat will be nice but that will be two days of cricket eaten.

bubblechat said...

NC, i wont mind two days of cricket lost if it means an innings defeat for Australia....that too by Pakistan!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Bubblechat, seeing as it's barely 2.30 hrs to start of play, and I'm about to crash, I will most certainly miss the first session, and some of the second.

If it has to get over in 3 days, most of the damage will happen in the first two sessions. That's missing out on a lotta damage for me.

4 days is good; with a target of 150.