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KhufiaBaaz:The reason behind the Bangladesh tri series.

by KhufiaBaaz

Unreasonable as it sounds, there is a reason for the tri series between India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Every year, this is the peak season for the influx of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants into India. Estimates put the figure at up to three to four times more than other months. While India’s border security has been hoodwinked, time and again, it was the BCCI who took matters in their own hands and called for another meaningless one day series. Once the series is on, no Bangladeshi sports’ fanatic (they compromise over 97% of such immigrants) can afford to risk capture on the border, thereby missing their team play a one-dayer against their stronger neighbours. Saurav Ganguly, who enjoys Demigod status in these parts, claims, once the IPL is on, and his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders plays, the numbers of illegal immigrants could further drop. The illegal immigrants were not available for comment.

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