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The try series.

by Gaurav Sethi

It may not be a series, but it does have aspirations. Bangladesh playing against itself would have thrilled the crowds more. Instead, they dragged two teams along. But it’s a given, if you ask India over, Lanka follows – it’s one of those wicked 1+1 deals.

If test cricket is too humdrum, all three should play; first and second innings Ind v Bangla, 3rd and 4th, Lanka v Bangla. It’s a home series, Bangla must play throughout.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: The Deshis have been very hospitable. After India lost its opening game and lost the subsequent toss to B’desh, Shakib handed India the better conditions.

Are the Deshis looking at this as a conditioning camp? Prepare in swamps for the 2011 World Cup. In fact, the pool games played in B’desh will be pool games, literally. And B’desh will already know how to lose their pool games; they won’t feel defeated when they’re beaten. This entire try series, it’s all about looking ahead. And the Deshis now know, the future sucks and so do they. If only the West Indies Cricket Board was running Indian and Lankan cricket; just imagine what they could have achieved.

Instead you’re left with a dead game, where Ravi Shastri talks of India going for a Bonus Point to challenge themselves. And the highpoint, as always a 100; SMG talks us through the countdown – 8 for a win, 6 for a 100. If only BossDK and BosST were in the box.

Kohli makes his 100, India makes it without using the batting powerplay – why can’t they be carried forward to the finals? More importantly, why is there a final – what is it that you don’t know about these two teams? Here’s to rain. It won’t be the first time India and Lanka have shared a trophy; something tells me it won’t be the last.

Passing thought, why don’t they play as one team. And in keeping with the IPL, this new Republic should field a minimum 4 Indians. That should take care of the tri series. As for the hosts, for once, they can float into the finals. And drown in it.


Purna said...

Bah! I can't even argue with you there. I was so excited about this before it started!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Purna, excited? Why?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

:-) ...but said with a sketch to illustrate ! :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Indeed. And what does BossDK make of that Raina-Kohli p'ship

Som said...

Try series indeed, could not agree more. Trying my patience. Prefer to see Kamrak Akmal basysitting:)

Purna said...

Because I thought it would be interesting to see this Bangladesh against some big teams. Obviously not!