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Rahul Dravid & I.

by Gaurav Sethi

Dravid 209*. Take it easy Jammie, you know what they do to Ranji high scorers in india #cricket
about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

For RDX and me, that will always be 2 hours ago on TweetDeck. For that's when he declared the innings. He will always say, the humble lad that he is, he saw it on BoredCricket on TweetDeck, I'd like to think RDX is his own man.

Who declares Ranji innings, esp when you're batting with Sunil Joshi. But no, skipper wanted to go for an outright win, not one of those first innings lead qualifications.

Of course, there's a test series with Bangladesh. Dravid doesn't want to bat and bat, and miss that flight, does he?

But with a highest first class score of 270, didn't that cross his mind - when contacted, RDX said, he ideally wanted to declare the Karnataka innings when he was on 194, but he didn't want to upset a colleague.

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Homer said...

The quintessential team man, Rahul Dravid... Waits till he completes his double before declaring.. Pity he could not extend the same courtesy to others when he was captain.


kumar said...

Funny Some people wont forget Individual stats Even after half a decade..Luckily Indian team moved from these obsession in last 2 years and everone can see where they are !

Naresh said...

he scored the extra 6 runs just for "extra effect" - and to convey that it was not for a double. 575 was it? - Yeah that helped too - very precise calculations ;)

Come to think of it, BossDK is sure to make 104 some day and declare.

(Now there's an idea for our BossD-wala BossBK ;)

Mahek said...

Did they really need 575? It would take a major effort for Karnataka to win this match outright.

Homer said...


They are not looking to win outright..This is the Chinnaswamy, the flattest of flat tracks in the nation.

The only hope is that UP do what they did on this graound the last time they played Karnataka - out bat them in the first innings.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Homer, doubt he allowed the players time for toilet.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Kumar, why would you say that? Just because the players say they don't care about numbers?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Naresh, It's not what BossDK makes, it's what he doesn't let BigBosST make - that's the key of the series. So knowing BossDK, he will declare when BigBosST is on 99.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, this is the Ranji brought to you by Impossible is Nothing.

Karthik said...

Whats your point, Homer? Do you mean to say RD wasnt justified in declaring on Sachin when he was batting on 194? Or do you mean to say RD should have declared on himself before he got to his double? Firstly both incidents are totally dissimilar. Secondly, RD's declaration yesterday probably had nothing to do with landmarks, knowing the man.

kumar said...

Naked Cricket, its not beacuse ranji taking First innings lead is equal to winning in a Knock out game...i even thought they should have crossed 600 (last year UP chased 531..but this year they are facing diffrent bowlers..3 bowlers wih almost 100 wkts).Cricinfo report said A.mithun bowling steep bouncers in same wickt whre RP & PK are unable to raise the ball.

Akshay Makhija said...

Dravid has always done what the team required of him.