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Should Sehwag stop?

by Gaurav Sethi

At 78/0, it appeared Bangladesh was going down again, and the late start only delayed the mauling. All was well with Indian cricket, Sehwag and Gambhir were going about their business like one of those Laxmi Mittal takeovers in Borat’s backyard.

Then the kick on the backside, then another, and another. Two down in three balls, 85/3, 104/4, 160/5, 182/7, 209/8; guess what, India’s ordinary too. So, should Sehwag stop speaking his mind? If he spoke his mind today, I reckon he would’ve said India is ordinary too. Just that, no more.

Now as it turns out, he’s given the whole world a chance to take a shot at his “ordinary” comment. Maybe a gag order is on its way.

While most cricketers call a spade a club, Sehwag is honest enough to call it as he sees it, and you gotta respect him for that. His ordinary comment got me thinking about cricket and its ordinariness – SAF are ordinary, but England are ordinary squared, Oz are ordinary but Pak are ordinary cubed.

The fact that you and me continue to watch so much ordinary cricket, says a lot for our patience. It’s been a rough decade, Ponting became player of the…

What will Sehwag get out of this – if India loses, mud on his face; if India wins, then like Ponting got away with a bad toss call in Sydney, everybody will have a good laugh.

But what about Sehwag – will he be twisted into talking crooked?

“Bangladesh are a vastly improving team. They have just beaten a competitive West Indies team – and under Shakib they have a promising young captain who is one of the world’s best allrounders”

Left to Sehwag of course, this is what he’ll say:

“Bangladesh are just not improving. They have only beaten a third rate West Indian team and under Shakib they have an anonymous captain who nobody in the world knows about”


Tifosi Guy said...

I frankly hope he doesn't change. While what he said was a touch too direct, he just said something in the open what pretty much everyone thinks !

It's not as if karma took over and India collapsed. They just batted poorly and that was it. End of story.

Mountain out of molehill IMHO

Cricket Tragic said...

Frankly, it's guys like ViruS that keep cricket interesting. Frankly, I wouldn't have really cared much abt this match if he hadn't made that statement. Now I plan to follow the whole match just to see how ViruS' prediction goes.

The last thing I'd want is for him to retract his statement! :)

Madhav said...

Sehwag Rocks!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

TG, his talking and batting form click together, unlikely he'll stop.

CT, true, now there's some interest to this test.

Hi Madhav, sure thing