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KhufiaBaaz: Indian hockey team's victory inspired by Sachin's double hundred.

by KhufiaBaaz

After India’s 4-1 win against Pakistan, man of the match, Sandeep Singh profusely thanked the public. But what did he say in that team huddle -

“I skipped practise to watch Sachin paaji’s double hundred and like hell I’m gonna make it count. I may not score 200 goals today, but there will be at least 2…”
True to his promise, Sandeep struck 2 goals. He also explained that each goal scored by a Sikh equals a hundred, so in effect, he scored two hundred goals today.

And what did the cross dressed man (one part IPL jersey, one part hockey shorts) have to say –
"After seeing Sachin’s double hundred, I was determined to bring at least two hundred friends to the National Stadium – most of them are from facebook but some of them are real friends. I can’t wait to update my facebook status – it will be: Sachin and I both score a double hundred”
Meanwhile an old-timer claimed that both Sandeep and Sachin are stars as their names start with the letter S. The man’s name was Sarnath. He claimed to be into cartoons.

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